School Uniforms

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Nursery children should wear comfortable clothes (track suit), appropriate to school and outdoor air activities that they do. Blue trousers and white t-shirt are suggested.

For all other children the Andersen International School uniform is compulsory and is not included in the school fee.

The official uniform provider of Andersen International School is LM School Uniforms.

Kindergarten and Reception children can wear the sport uniform every day, for all the other classes sport uniform shall only be worn in the days in which physical education is held.

During school trips and when expressly required by the directors, it is also compulsory, from Y1 onwards, to wear tie (for boys) and scarf (for girls), and, from Y7 onwards, the blazer.

Children in the choir need to wear, at choir performances, white shirt, blue trousers/skirt, tie/scarf, and, if temperatures require it, blue pullover or gilet.

All of these items must be bought by the official uniform provider.

Shoes and socks must be blue or black and can be purchased by any retailer.

The following items are also part of the uniform: from Year 1 to Y4 a school bag (to be purchased in the school office), from Y5 onwards a trolley (to be bought by the official uniform provider) .

Items can be ordered in 2 ways:

1. In the provider’s shops :
Milano, via Gesù, 17, (from Tuesday to Friday from 9,00 till 18,00; Saturday from 9,00 till 15,00.)

2. Online: -> store -> store andersen
If you need any information regarding the uniforms, we kindly invite you to please contact the provider directly.

You can call the following numbers :
- 039 8969640 (from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10.00 till 13.00)
- 02 36743700 and 02 36743701 (Tuesday to Friday from 9,00 till 18.00, Saturday from 9,00 to 15,00)

If you prefer to write an email: 

DEADLINES 2017-2018

- by 13th March 2018 – delivery by 10th of May 2018 (10th September 2018 for bermuda and spring male trousers)
- by 10th May 2018 – delivery by 2nd September 2018
-  by 13th September 2018 – delivery last week of November 2018 
-  by 20th January 2018 – delivery last week of March 2019
-  by 13th March 2019 – delivery 10th May 2019