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Welcome to Andersen International School
Set in ample, attractive grounds within easy reach of the centre of Milan, Andersen International School offers a wonderful learning environment for children from all over the world.

We are proud to offer a high standard of Education following both the English National Curriculum and the Italian school’s curriculum. Children receive maximum individual attention allowing them to reach their full academic potential.

Our school is friendly, caring and child-centred and our classrooms are colourful and fun to be in!


What is Andersen International School?

Andersen International School is a British curriculum-based COBIS affiliate, for children from the age of eighteen months, all the way up to the middle school Paritaria. Here all of our students, more than five hundred children of more than twenty different nationalities, learn to live together and interact through the use of the English language. Our teaching staff is made up entirely of native English language teachers and specialized assistants who offer children the opportunity to learn the language through an immersive experience. Surrounded by the English language it is easy for them to find common ground for interacting, experiencing and discovering the characteristics which make different cultures both unique and the same.


Why choose an English school from nursery?

Our innovative teaching methods aim at enhancing every child’s individuality through artistic expression and at the same time promoting collaboration with many creative projects.

The school’s goal is to create in each class an inspiring and lively environment where children can learn through the dimension of play. Manual activities certainly have an important role in the development of imaginative skills during the early stages of a child’s life. Specific educational materials such as sand, modelling clay, paint or paper are always available for our students who, in this way, are able to learn with a hands on approach to the world. 

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Via Don Carlo San Martino 8
20133 Milano


Phone: +39 02 7000 6580