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School Bus

The bus service is not run by the school but it is provided by the following companies:
- Associazione Culturale Europea
- Autonoleggio Maucieri
Parents who are interested in the service shall contact the above bus companies directly and, once they have activated it, they shall inform the school in writing, by sending or submitting the form called BUS AUTHORIZATION or BUS DELEGA that you can find on this site under COMMUNITY -> FORMS). Any change of the service shall be communicated both to the bus company and to the school (for the latter, please use the form CHANGE OF BUS SERVICE).
The bus company has complete responsibility for the service.

Associazione Culturale Europea (ACE)
Sig.ra Maria Comizzoli
Phone: 02 89512584
Sig. Nino Artuso
Mobile: 3394258373
Mobile: 3482934550

Autonoleggio Mauceri
Sig. Jacopo Mauceri
Mobile: 347 6756718